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The Research Co-op Philippines Get-together

Visiting home last Sunday (27 November 2011) were Peter, Lorna, and Vivian. Peter just finished giving seminars at the campuses of the De La Salle University. Lorna, I discovered that day, was my professor in Miriam College! I wouldn't know that earlier because her Research Cooperative profile only says "Lorna." So happy to see you again, Ma'am Lorna! Vivian, on the other hand, is a long-time friend who I had not seen for nearly two years. Joining us for lunch that day was my dad who cooked laing (without MSG) for us and enjoyed the company of our guests. It really was a lovely time together. Thank you for coming.

They're probably discussing the variants of taro at this time. You see Peter's pen and paper? If I remember it right, he was drawing taro for us while explaining the distinction of the species. What passion!

This is the screenshot of the web page announcing Peter's seminar at La Salle-Taft (in case the web link has changed its content).

Peter shared with us for the first time The Research Cooperative brochure. Thank you, Peter.

The punctuation mark that nearly ended our lunch--Vivian, Peter, and Lorna projecting their (academic, you say?) smile around 4:00 p.m. (See the clock?) Lunch began at 12 noon, by the way. Thank you once again for the extended, yet wonderful conversation.

Yours truly posing with Peter and Lorna. This photo is shaky, yes. But if it's shaky, it's still part of history. ;)

Afterwards, Vivian initiated to tour us around the Ateneo de Manila University where she teaches biology. We parted at LRT-Katipunan Station. Peter returned to Osaka, Japan the next day.

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29 November 2011, Tuesday