About Al

Welcome to this site! Al Sabado is a freelance editor and the owner of this editorial website, www.alsabado.com.

Editorial work and professional background

Al has been working full time as a freelance editor since 2008. She's edited, proofread, and formatted books, e-books, corporate brochures, journal articles, company audit reports, web content, as well as doctoral dissertations submitted to and accepted by academic institutions around the world.

Prior to offering freelance editorial services, Al gained significant experience from cumulative years of professional work as a student data encoder, researcher, writer, TV writer-associate producer, lyricist, TV scriptwriter, copywriter, government employee, cook-baker, ESL teacher, volunteer, and project editorial assistant.

Other preoccupations

Since 2009, Al has authored and maintained in this website a section entitled, “The Filipino freelancers’ guide to paying taxes and securing social benefits.” In this section, she shares with fellow freelancers the basics of freelance taxation, from a freelancer’s point of view, based on her experience in filing and paying her taxes as a self-employed income earner. Occasionally, she copyedits and performs editorial tasks for nonprofit endeavors. As an independent editorial service provider, she aims to engage in professional retraining. To date, Al has completed the online course, Copy-Editing by Distance Learning, conducted by the The Publishing Training Centre.

Rain or shine

Al is a homebody who enjoys her time working on just about anything around the house, including the years she spent looking after her beloved parents--sorely missed. She's also adopted two formerly stray cats and their five kittens, now only four as one of them, she named Love Kitty, was hit by a car.

(Updated April 2020, COVID-19 lockdown)