Google sites

Mon, May 30, 2011 at 9:54 AM


. . . I've been constructing my Google site. . . . What do I do if I want to change the name of my website--meaning, change it directly . . . ? I remember you saying about paying an amount to do this. Thanks for the tip. God bless!


Hello . . .

. . . Here's the short list of things to click upon changing the long Google URL to your preferred domain name:

1. Go to "Sites."

2. Look for "More actions."

3. Click "Manage site."

4. Click "Web address."

5. You might be asked to "own the domain and have access to change the CNAME records." If that is so, click "Learn more."

6. If #5 is not needed, then proceed to this next step. You'll read from there "Web addresses for this site" which is actually the long Google URL or address of your Google website. Now, below that, you'll read, "Add a web address." You may write on the empty box your preferred name (e.g.,

6. Set that new name now as your default.

7. You're now ready to promote your new site. :)

The US$10 subscription is the paid version of Gmail. You may visit this site, GoDaddy <>. But this feature allows the user to use an email that is identical with his or her domain name. You may retain your website through the free Gmail for the purpose of retaining the site if in case you're unable to pay your dues on time.