Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 7:58 AM


In one of the websites I visited, the writer mentioned a photocopy of professional tax receipts (PTR) from the local municipality as one of the requirements for registration as freelancer. Did you also pay your PTR at the municipal's office prior to registration with BIR? If you did, how much did it cost? What does the municipal office require for me to pay PTR?


Thank you for that question. Though, I am classified under the professional income earner category, I did not secure nor pay for a PTR. Securing or paying for a PTR is a must for professionals whose discipline requires them to be licensed prior to practicing their profession (e.g., teachers, nurses, doctors, CPAs, lawyers, and the like). These professionals are board passers whose names we normally find listed on daily broadsheets after completion of a board or bar exam.

However, editorial freelancers (i.e., writers, editors, graphic artists, transcriptionists, and the like) have the option--that is, the freedom--to acquire certain types of certification applicable to their field of expertise. I've included in the database of freelancing tools options where professionals around the world can be certified online. Certification fees can be exorbitant, and so others build up or draw their certification from their years of unparalleled and trusted work experience. ;-)