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Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 12:44 PM


Hi, Ate Al!

Kumusta ka na? :) Hope all's well! Ate Al, may tanong ako. Kasi may raket sana kami . . . (co-rewrite) My question is, how much ba ang ok na rate sa ganitong project?

(How much is the OK rate for a c0-rewriting project?)




Hi -- !

I'm happy for you! Congratulations on your upcoming project! ;)

The minimum standard industry rates for writing are between $50 and $100 per hour ($1-$2 per word).* Lower than that is called lowballing. :)

*[Update: Rewriting may go around that rate, depending on the complexity of the material. Just remember that no rate is written on stone. Client and service provider may negotiate the professional fee peacefully. It's up to either party to accept or reject the terms and the project altogether, but hopefully they agree within mutually beneficial terms. Discuss openly and freely as well with your colleagues how you wish to divide among yourselves the money you'll earn from this project. Percentage basis is recommendable.]

There are few things you need to know:

  1. Ano ang trabahong kailangang gawin? Sabi mo rewriting. (What needs to be done? You said, rewriting.)
  2. Ilang pages? (How many pages?)
  3. Kailangan ba ng research? (Is research needed?)
  4. Paano ang file transfer? (What's the means of file transfer?)
  5. May tatamaan o maapektuhan bang mga links o graphics sa text? (Will the work affect existing links and graphics within the text?)
  6. Sa palagay mo, ilang oras ang magagamit ninyo sa trabahong ito? (How many hours do you think your team needs to commit to this job?)
  7. Ilang tao ang gagawa? (How many people are involved in this work?)

These are just the basic questions, you may encounter more of them along the way. It is best if you could prepare a service contract (a short, yet comprehensive one will do) mentioning the different aspects of the work (service fee included) that the client may also expect from the service that your team will provide. You may compute your total fee based on three factors: (1) The reasonable number of hours you will use in accomplishing the project; (2) a rough estimate of words per page; or (3) a package cost for the project--whichever is lower. Feel free to negotiate when you notice that the client is willing to pay, it's just that the fee you offer goes far beyond his budget.

But I'm afraid I have no answer* [yet] to the question, ". . .1st draft and 2 revisions for . . . how much?" Definitely, there's a deadline to follow; you may likewise invoice the client on the due date or work submission.

*Update: I now request for additional payment for succeeding edits depending on (1) the length of the portions to be edited; (2) the number of hours needed for me to finish editing the returned manuscript; and (3) based on my hourly rate. The portions for next edits are usually add-ons or revisions made by the client.

Do visit the EFA Resources Page for more information--kahit hindi ka pa member (even if you're not yet its member). ;)


Ate Al