Official receipt

Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 7:58 AM


Can I ask for a scanned copy of your sample receipt? I want to know how a freelancer's receipt would look like para 'pag nagpagawa ako I have an idea na.


Allow me to point you instead to the "Application for Authority to Print Receipts & Invoices" page of the BIR. When you scroll down that page, BIR enumerates "the basic information required to be reflected on invoices and receipts issued by financial institutions." Your BIR-registered printer, who can ably handle this matter for you, will see to it that all requirements needed for your official receipt are at hand for it to be approved by the BIR.

But take note that the BIR page mentions VAT. Small businesses are not required to register under the VAT classification when their annual income is lower than PhP500,000. But, of course, any business person may have the option to settle for VAT and have that printed on his receipts, as per BIR approval. You may also have the option to include or exclude contact numbers from your receipts.

Standard official receipts look alike in such a way that the basic information about one's business is listed there. The big difference may be in terms of the VAT or non-VAT label which comes after one's TIN.