Annual physical exam

NOTE: As of this writing, MDH in Marikina has ceased operation due perhaps to low income generation in 10 years. (15 May 2020)

18 September 2013


MDH satellite clinic: Physical exam season promos

by Al Sabado

As ever-busy freelancers, we take care of our health too so that we're most able to execute the best way we can the requirements of all projects that come our way. And so, we undergo the physical exam every year to check the condition of our body and make sure we're fit in carrying out the demands of our work.

Last Monday, I took my physical exam at the Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH) satellite clinic in Blue Wave-Marquinton Mall, Marikina City. The clinic currently offers physical exam packages which you may also avail at affordable prices, ranging from PhP500 to PhP1,730. The packages, if you notice, cost much lower compared to those offered in most hospitals and other medical facilities. See prices below for details:

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If you're located around Marikina City, then do visit the MDH satellite clinic. If you're located somewhere else, then do find out if similar physical exam packages are offered at hospitals near you.

Make time to undergo your physical exam every year. OK? Good day!