Updated: 2 September 2015

16 December 2009


Resuming your PhilHealth contributions

Freelancers are classified at PhilHealth as individually paying, self-employed members. Unlike SSS contributions that get automatically reflected in one's records, PhilHealth contributions (based on the following premium contribution table) will only be counted once the member has submitted the PHIC copy to PhilHealth office.

So it is best to remit directly the PhilHealth premiums (monthly, quarterly, or annually) at the nearest PhilHealth office to save you time and effort. Here are steps you can follow to continue your PhilHealth contributions:

  1. If you are a continuing member, simply fill out the member data amendment form M2.
  2. Present two valid IDs or documents that represent you (e.g., SSS, driver's license, PRC ID, passport, or NBI clearance) in the absence of your original or certified true copy of birth certificate.
  3. Pay your contribution after you submit items 1 and 2 to the PhilHealth office.
  4. Submit the PhilHealth PHIC copy (the second copy of the payment form) to the nearest PhilHealth office (see back page of the PhilHealth payment form for instructions).
  5. You can skip this Step 4 if you pay directly at a PhilHealth office, a more convenient choice so that you don't have to reschedule a day for submitting to this office the PHIC copy each time you pay. Otherwise, you may pay at any PhilHealth-accredited collecting agents.

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Visit the PhilHealth website for more information. Check out the corporate links for addresses of PhilHealth offices or this link for the addresses of PhilHealth-NCR Central offices.

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