Social Security System

Updated: 20 November 2014

16 December 2009


SSS contribution rate and schedule

Freelancers who wish to continue their SSS contributions (until 2013, a maximum of Php1,560 per month or Php18,720 per year) may opt to be a voluntary payer. Visit the SSS office in your area and simply pay your contribution for the current period (month, quarter, or year). Your next SSS contributions may be paid via the SSS branch nearest you or thru Bayad Center and other SSS-accredited channels accepting SSS payments. Visit the SSS member log-in page to view your SSS updates.

  1. Fill out Form RS-5. (You may prepare a template using an editable PDF format which you can just modify and print out three copies whenever you'll pay your SSS contribution. Or you may opt to just print out three copies of the normal PDF format and write on them.)
  1. Pay your monthly contribution on or before the specified date (see the updated payment schedule of contributions). You may also opt to pay your annual contribution during the first quarter to secure your contribution for the current year--and not miss any months when expenses tend to compete with each other.

See the following charts or refer to the SSS website for the new schedule of SSS contributions effective January 2014 (maximum Php1,760/month or Php21,120/year) and summary of SSS benefits.

Source: The SSS sent the above charts via email.

For more information, visit the SSS website (see following guide on using the enhanced SSS website).

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