Taxation for Filipino freelancers

Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 5:52 PM

Hi Al,

I was browsing the Internet for information on taxation for Filipino freelancers when I chanced upon your website. I have been looking for someone to consult on this matter and I find your notes about the need to pay taxes very encouraging.

Actually, your name sounds familiar. I met someone at the Christian Writers' Fellowship years ago that sounds like your name, and if I remember right, she was also from Marikina. I used to live in Marikina (I'm now based in Batangas City) and tomorrow (March 27), I am going there to speak at a women's group in the afternoon. I would like to take the opportunity to meet with you on March 28, Monday, before I go back home. That is, only if you are available.


Ako nga `yun. Glad to see you again, friend... ;-)