Certificate of registration

Tue, May 24, 2011 at 3:48 PM

A message from a fellow freelancer . . .

Hi Al,

Praise God and thank you for your prayers and encouragement--I finally got my Certificate of Registration from the BIR this morning, and I'm officially registered with them as a Professional Writer. My bookkeeper friend is helping me with the printing of the receipt kasi may kakilala din siyang printer. Sana lang di ako lumagpas sa 30-day period of applying for the authority-to-print receipts.

I'm happy that finally na-release na rin ang COR ko. It feels good to do what you know is right. I'll encourage my other writer friends to consider registering na rin, and I will send them your link about paying taxes.

Thanks again, Al. You've been an encouragement.

Now, I'm praying for more clients para hindi naman lagi akong magfa-file ng "No Transaction" sa monthly percentage tax return. :) And I'll work on my professional website with Google Site.

God bless us!