Editorial work and professional background. I've been working full time as a freelance editor since 2008. My editorial services include editing (copyediting, substantive editing, technical editing); proofreading; book formatting and layout (MS Word); style reading; and translating text (English-Filipino, v.v.). For editing, I make use of the Track Changes tool and other functions of the MS Word (2010) or apply standard proofreading marks with the PDF-XChange Editor (2012) to ably work on written documents saved in PDF file format. For proofreading transcriptions, I make use of the free downloadable online software, Express Scribe, and a foot pedal to swiftly carry out the editorial work.

My standard dictionary for American English is the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (11th Edition); for British English, the New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors (New ODWE, 2005); and for Filipino, the UP Diksyonaryong Filipino (Binagong Edisyon). My main references for style include The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS, 16th Edition) and the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, 7th Edition). Through the years, I’ve become proficient in using AAA, APA, CMOS, Harvard, and Turabian, among other style guides. Meanwhile, my standard reference for Biblical text is the King James Version (1611).

I’ve edited, proofread, and formatted books, e-books, corporate brochures, journal articles, company audit reports, web content, as well as doctoral dissertations submitted to and accepted by the American University, Fordham University, Lehigh University, Monash University, University of Maryland, and Walden University, among other academic institutions. 

Prior to offering freelance editorial services, I gained significant experience from cumulative years of professional work as a student data encoder, researcher, writer, TV writer/associate producer, lyricist, TV scriptwriter, copywriter, government employee, cook/baker, ESL teacher, volunteer, and project editorial assistant (see curriculum vitae for career history, training, and relevant background in detail).

Other preoccupations. Since 2009, I’ve authored and maintained in my website a section entitled, “The Filipino freelancers’ guide to paying taxes and securing social benefits.” In this section, I share with fellow freelancers the basics of freelance taxation, from a freelancer’s point of view, based on my experience in filing and paying my taxes as a self-employed income earner. Occasionally, I copyedit and perform editorial tasks for nonprofit endeavorsAs an independent editorial service provider, I aim to engage in regular professional retraining. I recently completed a course, Copy-Editing by Distance Learning, at the The Publishing Training Centre.

Spurred editorial interest. My interest in handling the written word began in my senior year in high school, where I chose journalism over computer as my elective subject. Afterwards, I pursued B.A. Communication Arts in Miriam College. With the encouragement of senior schoolmate and mentor, the late Linda “Sly” Laureta, then Filipino section editor, I too joined the the college paper, CHI-RHO. After passing the editorial test, I became the college paper’s staff writer in my freshman year, Filipino section editor in my sophomore year, and managing editor in my junior year. My peers wanted me to vie for the editor-in-chief position in my senior year. But I decided to leave the college paper to focus on my group thesis,* which the College Department of Communication Arts recognized as one of the outstanding theses of our departmental graduating class, Batch ’93.


*A video documentary on the fisherfolk in Barrio Kapunitan of Orion, Bataan in northern Philippines as the recipient of paralegal training of Haribon Foundation, a nongovernmental organization based in Manila.