Database of freelance tools

Updated: 20 October 2015

8 March 2011

Building your online resources 
while freelancing with care

    We all start with something, somewhere as freelancers. We usually begin by searching for freelance jobs and then freelance tools online, with a stress on free and accessible. In the process, we continue to build our list of freelance tools as we find ourselves go back to them time and again. And how privileged we are whenever colleagues freely share with us the helpful tools that they too discover online! This page now serves as a database of freelance tools, particularly the ones that pertain to print, publishing, and yes, freelance. 

    If you're a freelancer (or hoping to be one someday) involved in these areas and are looking for online resources--freelance jobs, going rates, associations, comprehensive tax guidelines, continuing education plus certification, precaution against online job scams, basic PC troubleshooting tips, free websites, and other references for your freelance work in print and publishing--then welcome to this page! The list gets longer, but no rush reading. Feel free to visit the page during your copious hours.

    Happy freelancing!


The Research Cooperative (International)

and more...

Books on freelancing

Freelance Freedom by Edward Adams

Textbook Development as an Art and a Science by Carolyn D. Smith with Jeannine Ciliotta

Grammatical Gleanings by Patrica M. Godfrey

A Freelance Editor's Guide to Book Production by Rachel Hockett

Résumés for Freelancers by Sheila Buff

Freelancing 101: Launching Your Editorial Business by Ruth E. Thaler-Carter

The Art of Editing for the Corporate Market by Mary Johnson

Other reading materials online

WIRED: Covers current and future trends in technology


Continuing education with certification

Instructor-led online courses

English Language (reading, writing, speaking, editing, proofreading, and more)  


Free file converters online

33 Tools to Create, Edit and Convert Images Online (link shared by Anna Stanley, 4-19-13)

Free websites

Freelance job sites

Freelancers' safety corner

Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation, The by the late Jane Straus (1954-2011)

Elements of Style, The by William Strunk, Jr.

Industry rates

Online communication tools

Online file managers

Payment options


(formerly Moneybookers)


Book design

The Book Designer


Fonts by Hoefler & Co.


Typography Tutorial: A Primer on Ligatures

Shorten that long URL