20days until
last day for all freelancers and other self-employed income earners to file/pay Sept 2014 percentage tax due 20 Oct 2014. Fill out BIR Form 2551M and pay 3% of the month's gross at any BIR-authorized agent bank.

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BIR Form 2551M

Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 9:38 PM

Hi Al,

Just want to ask about the 2551M (monthly percentage tax).

1. What do I put under the column "Taxable Transaction/Industry Classification"? Professional Fee ba? Professional Writer? 7499 Other Business Activities na siyang nakalagay sa COR ko under Line of Business/Industry?

2. Ang ATC ko ba ay PT 010?

Thanks for the help again. God bless!

Mon, Jun 2011

Hello ...

You may write Professional Writer on item #8 of 2551M.

For numbers 14A to 18A of this form, you may write the type of writing project (e.g., Article writing, Ghostwriting, Book writing, and the like). So it may appear something like Book writing/7499

For numbers 14B to 18B, yes, we write PT 010, then 3% for 14D to 18D. 

The total amount of tax due is affixed on numbers 19, 22, 24, and 27D of 2551M. We may leave the rest blank. :)